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BMAI - Strategy
BMAI - Strategy
We are customer strategists ...
At BMAI, we specialize in the development of customer strategy, interpreting consumer insight to provide you with the competitive edge you need to deliver meaningful experiences and create solid relationships with your customers.

We are passionately curious about customers because we believe you can’t build meaningful connections unless you truly understand the people you want as customers.

We will equip your firm with the strategic advantage that comes from knowing your clients better than anyone else and acting on that knowledge to deliver a superior customer experience.
BMAI - Strategy
Jim Barnes is Honoured
with Induction into
Marketing Hall of
Legends 2011

Mentors / Legends
This category was designed to honour those individuals who, through philanthropy or academic position, have provided others with the opportunity, inspiration or ability to pursue excellence in the Canadian Marketing environment.

BMAI - Strategy

“If you would like your employees to look at your business differently and feel engaged and energized about your own customer strategy, I would highly recommend working with Dr. Jim Barnes. He is by far the most interesting and inspirational speaker with whom we have ever worked.”
Brian King
Vice President, Marketing
Johnson Inc. Canada

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